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1 Re: Show me vintage marks for fiesta ware | Fiesta 9-Inch Luncheon Plate, Paprika. The colors, durability, and versatility, and fact that the dishes are lead free, keeps me a real fan. I have had most of my Fiesta dinnerware for at least.

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Items tagged with ' Heathcote' on Collectable-China Heathcote Yellow and White Vintage Bone China Tea Cup, Saucer and Tea Plate Trio Tea Trio produced by H. M. Williamson & Sons, Bridge Pottery, Longton.

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Vintage Fiesta Relish Trays: Fiesta Pottery For Sale. Vintage Fiesta Pottery Relish Trays in Original Six Colored Glazes For Sale | Circa 1936-1946. The vintage Fiesta relish tray, or lazy-susan, is one of the.

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